2、 我公司产品,质量均按国家质量认证中心及国家行业标准设计、生产,内部元器件的额定电压、电流、寿命、分断能力、短路保护、可靠性等方面均符合相关规定;

  3、 我公司拥有先进的生产线和检测设备,充分保证了优良的产品质量;

  4、 不论产品数量大小,我们都将认真对待每一位客户的信任,确保产品质量和供货时间。

Service Commitment

1. To provide customers with comprehensive pre-sale technical support, such as pre-sales consulting, field survey and technical answer, equipment installation and debugging, our company will send experienced engineering and technical personnel to the scene to guide the installation and debugging, until the equipment normal use, and the relevant departments jointly by both parties to general acceptance of the product. According to customer needs, the company specialized technical personnel for technical training for customers;

2. The products of our company, quality according to the national center for quality certification and the national industry standard design, manufacture, the internal components of the rated voltage, current, life, breaking capacity, short circuit protection, reliability, etc all conform to the relevant provisions;

3. Our company has advanced production line and testing equipment, fully ensure the excellent quality of the products;

4. The number of product, regardless of size, we will seriously treat every customer's trust, to ensure product quality and delivery time.